Patient Care Program

We understand what you are going through

We approach everything we do from your (the patient’s) point of view. And it helps that quite a number of our staff have sleep apnea and are on PAP therapy. We totally understand what you are going through. We know how confusing it can be when you are first diagnosed. We know that you have a lot of questions. And often those questions come after the first whirlwind of diagnosis and setup on your PAP equipment. We designed what we call our CPAP Circle of Care® program with that in mind.

Delivering patient care - Our CPAP Circle of Care® Program

The first element of our CPAP Circle of Care program begins with how we process your referral for PAP setup from your doctor. You’ve been diagnosed. If your experience is typical, you are excited yet apprehensive about starting your therapy. Then you wait…and you wait…and you wait, and after two or three weeks you still haven’t heard anything from the company that is supposed to be providing your equipment. So you call your doctor's office. And wait again for a response. Another week or so passes.

This will never happen with us. We have developed a proprietary software system we call Patient Care Live to ensure we can process a referral from your doctor within 24 hours. Then send that referral to one of our licensed respiratory therapists in the field in order that they can contact you and have you setup in your home (or some other place that suits you) as quickly as possible. Our goal for your setup is 72 hours after insurance evaluation and approval.

Allowing you the benefit from your PAP therapy by removing early roadblocks to therapy compliance is at the core of what we do. In-home setup makes a difference and is the second element of our CPAP Circle of Care. At the same time we make sure we use only the best quality machines and we fit a wireless modem on every machine. Do we get paid for in-home setup by your insurance? No. Do we get more money from your insurance company by setting you up with the best quality PAP unit from a leading manufacturer? No. Do we get paid for the wireless modem by your insurance? In most cases, no. But the benefits for you, our patient, of our approach are common sense:

  1. How much more interaction and how much more will you remember from that interaction if you have an hour or 1½ hours with a respiratory therapist one-on-one in your home with your setup, against being put in a room with 10, 20 or 30 other people with an R/T lecturing you from the front of the room? The letters we get from our patients praising our R/T’s for their empathy and time on initial setup reinforce our belief this is the right way to deliver a PAP setup.

  2. How much more convenient is it to have the respiratory therapist come to you when it suits you, rather than you having to slog out to a hotel or some other place on a particular day and time that may not suit you? Especially in the cold winter months. Again, we know from feedback that patients really appreciate that we make it so easy by coming to you when and where it suits you.

  3. Having the respiratory therapist actually setup your PAP unit beside your bed where you will actually use it dramatically lowers potential barriers to initial use of the equipment. We even test the electrical outlet to ensure it is producing the correct power as part of this process. Again, we know how this helps with therapy compliance.

  4. Using the best quality equipment means you get the best PAP experience. And fitting each machine with a wireless modem means its easier to monitor your therapy compliance.

We support you after setup with qualified human beings

Unlike many competitors we will never resort to having a computerized answering service. Push one for…push two for… This is enough to drive anybody to scream in frustration. Our phones are staffed by human beings who are trained to make sure you get to speak with the right person to in order to help you as quickly as possible. We don’t rush you off the phone in the process.

In terms of therapy related help, the third leg of our CPAP Circle of Care is to ensure we are there for you, if and when you need us after we have left your home. We have a large team of licensed respiratory therapists based in our Patient Care Center who make outbound calls to you at 72 hours after your setup, 30 days after setup and every 90 days thereafter (so long as you want to receive the calls) to talk through your compliance, offer encouragement and answer any questions you may have. Of course you can also call in to the Patient Care Center on our toll free line any time you need help or advice.

Again, do we get paid by your insurance for providing this after-setup care? No. But being there for you as a source of encouragement and help is just so important to your compliance, especially over the early days of your therapy. And if you are therapy-compliant then you are going to achieve the benefits from your therapy that you need.