Below is a small sample of unsolicited letters and emails we have received from and on behalf of our patients. Please note abbreviated initials have been used to protect confidentiality and small corrections may have been made to grammar with care not to affect intended meaning.

Because of your professionalism, your knowledge and your “going the extra mile” I am now getting the proper care from a proper doctor. As a result I am now getting the first full night of sleep in my short life (70 years). Without being too dramatic, who knows how many more years this will give me? As we say in my faith, “Save one life, save the world.”

- S. Fine, Patient

I was with <patient> this morning and I have to tell you she had so much praise for you guys. She said, "I feel like they truly care about me.”  She also said that you never sound like it's a bother to have to help her or come to the house, everyone from the person who answers the phones to the therapist that comes to the house has been wonderful, caring and helpful. She couldn't say enough about how wonderful you all are and that you really do put the patient first.

So, please let everyone know what a great job they are doing from her and from myself. Thank you so much!

- Dr. Howett, Referring Physician

Mal (one of Classic SleepCare’s respiratory therapists) needs a raise! Whatever he is earning he needs to make double! He went above and beyond to explain how the CPAP worked and even stayed late to make sure we were comfortable operating the device.

- C. & J. Harde, Patient and Spouse

Your staff has been great from therapists to secretaries to financial personnel. Everyone is so cheerful and helpful. They make a customer a feel safe knowing that knowledgeable, kind people are taking care of you. The initial home visit was very reassuring and informative. And you actually make follow up calls. What a novel idea!

- CS, Patient

I am writing regarding the professionalism, understanding, light heartiness and excellent service that has been displayed by your employee Ms. Ann Morse. It has been very difficult for me trying to adjust to the CPAP machine and its supplies. It is truly a breath of fresh air to find someone in the healthcare area who really cares about a patient. Most of the time what you get is lip service. This lady has been [with] me from the beginning and continues to follow up my progress. I would also like to acknowledge Ms. Coleen Rollins who works with me in Ms. Ann's absence. Please thank the ladies for me and continue giving your company's excellent service with your outstanding employees. 

- KJO, Patient

As one of your newest clients, I wanted to write you a brief note of thanks for leading such a well-run, customer-focused organization. As I am sure you are aware, Cresscare Medical pulled out of eastern PA, leaving many patients without effective CPAP support. So when my CPAP machine broke and Cresscare could not support me, I reached out to Rob at the Phoenixville Sleepcenter to inquire about another support company. He referred me to Classic SleepCare, and while I initially had reservations about working with a company on the west coast, while I live on the east coast, my experience has been nothing short of excellent. 

I initially spoke with Katie and her cheerful, can-do spirit and follow through in getting the authorization for a new CPAP machine and the script needed to set the machine’s specs was really great – I basically just made the initial request, and Katie took the opportunity and ran with it. Linda Davis did a great job of setting me up with the new CPAP quickly and thoroughly explaining its use. And lastly, it was great to hear from Ann regarding a follow-up on how everything was working. It is refreshing to work with a team so focused on patient care – and empowered and motivated to deliver outstanding service. I look forward to being a client of Classic SleepCare for many years. Thanks again! 

- JM, Patient

Beginning in October 2013, I was wrongfully referred out-of-network by a Sleep Medicine doctor's office to your company, Classic SleepCare. Thus began, by far, my worst medical insurance nightmare since I became a Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey participant more than 30 years ago. My goal was to terminate my insurance authorization with Classic SleepCare in order to find an in-network durable medical equipment (DME) company. Over four months later, this nightmare has come to a satisfactory ending and Shannon Snow was a major reason why it ended positively.

Shannon "fixed things" by being business-like, a person of her word, upbeat, personable, excellent with follow-through and follow-up, by referring me to insurance contacts within Classic SleepCare, by providing detailed notes in your computer system for your Billing Department to read, by going to her supervisors when needed to resolve billing questions, by speaking to representatives from Horizon and illuminating what it would take for them to resolve my problems, by making it easy for me to return the CPAP equipment and supplies, and clearly being an advocate for me throughout this tangled process.

I am at a loss for words when I try to explain to you how helpful Shannon was throughout the entirety of this process and how comforting it was for me to know that Shannon "had my back" to right something that had gone terribly wrong for me. My hat is off to her. I'm a licensed mental health therapist in the State of NJ and I have worked in the title of Psychologist for the State of NJ for 25 years. I trust my judgment about her when I tell you that I think you are one of the most fortunate supervisors in California to have her working for you. This is one of the ways I've thought to try and repay her for her immeasurable help to me through this arduous insurance nightmare. It's not enough, but I wanted you to know what her help has meant to me.

- KE, Patient

[The doctor] relayed to me that he spoke with a patient who was very happy with the service they received from Classic Sleep Care! I just wanted to relay that GREAT NEWS! Thank you, again, for all you do! We (and more importantly) the patients appreciate your care and consideration! 

- NT, Partner

Your rep called yesterday morning, came out to my house last night, at a time that was great for me (yay!). He was patient, educated, and honest about what I could expect until I got accustomed to the machine etc. I'm very impressed. 

- AB, Patient