Why We Are Different

Why we are different

My name is Rob Brough and I am co-founder and Co-CEO of Classic Sleepcare. As a company we live to do just one thing. That’s to provide the highest quality care on the planet to our patients. Our whole business is geared to that one simple thing.

My friend and business colleague, Robert Fallan came to me after he had an immensely dissatisfactory experience on being diagnosed with sleep apnea. He described to me how little time was spent with him by the DME company his doctor had referred him to and how the DME company was not there to help him after he was setup on PAP therapy. And like most patients in that situation, he could not maintain compliance and thus got no benefit from his therapy.

His impression was the supplier of his CPAP was just interested in the transaction (selling the equipment) and was then off looking for the next referral and next transaction. He asked around and found his experience was the norm. And thought, wow, if this is what the thousands of people being setup on PAP therapy have to go through, no wonder compliance rates are so low. He called and asked me, why don’t we start a company that does this entirely differently? He asked:

  1. Why don’t we start a DME company that does only one thing, sleep (apnea) related DME and consumables…be the real experts in just one thing and be known for doing that better than anyone else. Don’t sell the scores of other DME items like oxygen, power scooters, walkers etc that others do.

  2. And more importantly, let's make our focus to be delivering fantastic patient care instead of “selling” (transactions), so that we have happy, therapy-compliant patients. If we do that then transactions will follow, as doctors will want to refer to us.

I thought it was a great idea and within three months we had opened our doors. When we started in late 2006 we entered an industry with intense competition. Every doctor that referred a patient to us was referring patients somewhere else before we knocked on their door. It can take time to break through the clutter as lots of DME businesses make promises to doctor’s offices about how they will care for patients referred to them - then they don’t deliver. Our success speaks for itself. As of February 2014 we have grown our business to provide services to sleep apnea patients in 29 states and we are continuing to grow.

Our commitment to caring

If you read the following pages detailing our patient care program and how we use technology to help you be compliant with and benefit from your PAP therapy, I think that you will understand our commitment to delivering the best “sleep” patient care on the planet is something we live and breathe. We never stop improving our systems with that commitment we make to you in mind.

Robert and I believe that it's just good common sense to treat people with respect, empathy and compassion. Any of our staff will tell you that we constantly reinforce key messages close to our hearts when we started our business …to care for and to be there for our patients and to err on the side of our patients in all things. We have had so many patients and doctor’s offices take the time to write to us or call, to tell us how impressed they are with our high level of care and our happy helpful staff. I know I speak for everyone in the company when I say being able to serve and help so many people is a real privilege and something that we do not take lightly.